About Us

Scouse Gin

This was one man's idea which came one evening in the pub (don't all the best ideas start there). Keith just thought that Scouse is synonymous with Liverpool, we're called Scousers after all, and you can't have Scouse without Beetroot, and he is partial to a G & T himself and so he thought he'd have a go.

So he started experimenting and eventually hit the right recipe for his Scouse Gin. It tastes wonderful with the addition of some fresh beetroot which enhances the flavours of the botanicals beautifully giving a lovely rounded flavour. So He bought a bigger still and then went about the business of securing a distillers license from HMRC.

Almost 2 years later and after loads of meetings and paperwork he was successful and Scouse Gin was ready to be launched. What fun we've had experimenting - this Scouse Gin project has been a real family affair with the kids and grandkids getting involved, we hope you enjoy our story and - more to the point - enjoy our SCOUSE GIN!